Institution & Pulp and paper & Airport & Shopping Mall
Institution & Pulp and paper & Airport & Shopping Mall


  • University of California Los Angeles, CA 
  • Chang Gung University
  • The University of Arizona-Tucson, AZ,USA
  • Arizona State University-Glendale, AZ, USA




Government and Research Department

  • US Bureau of Reclamation, YUMA, AZ
  • Fisheries Research Institute Council of Agriculture
  • Stone & Resource Industry R&D Center
  • Industrial Technology Research Institute (Material Research Laboratories)


Paper & Pulp

  • Asia Pulp & Paper Co., Ltd., JAKARTA, Indonesia (APP)
  • Siam Kraft Paper (Siam Cement Group / SCG) 
  • The Cartons-St. Laurent Mill - La Tuque, Quebec ,Canada (paper machine shower Nozzles

  • Houston Intercontinental Airport, TX
  • Los Angeles Convention Centre, CA
Shopping Mall
  • Thailand Big C Group, Thailand