We are mainly engaged in energy saving of chiller, operating American FRIGAID® refrigerant side additive, Zeta Rod™ water treatment technology, Zeta-C150, Zeta-C160 environmental descaling, Japan NLR nanometer reflector and ultrasonic flowmeter businesses…etc. Have customer base of various industries at home and abroad.

An energy conservation advocate with solid energy saving technique possesses more than 10 years’ experiences as an energy services company. To cope with the rise of electricity and petrol prices to rise, we launch "dual-side energy-saving solutions" for enterprises improving energy efficiency and reducing carbon dioxide emission. Analyzing by our clients and research institutions, this program can save 5%~15% of electricity bills. It is also widely used by global enterprise groups such as semiconductor, Dram, packaging and testing, optical TFT-LCD, PCB (printed circuit boards) plants and well-known scientific parks.


We have an experienced technical team and uphold the "environmental protection and energy saving." To create a win-win business philosophy, pursue the company's sustainable operation and growth, the overall operation is stable and profitable, and it is also a pioneer in the environmental protection and energy saving industry.
Provide ice water machine energy saving service and related products

1. ZETA ROD™Electrochemical water treatment equipment
2. FRIGAID® Refrigerant side additive
3. FRIGAID® & ZETA ROD™ chiller double side energy saving