Zeta Power™ Technical Q&A


What is a Zeta Power™ System ?
  • A high voltage capacitance based water treatment system that changes the physical properties of colloidal particles
  • A strong electro-dispersant, and electro-bio-dispersant
  • An electronic deposit control system
  • An industrial fluid treatment system
What does a Zeta Power™ do ?
  • Prevents the formation of mineral deposits
  • Prevents the formation of biofilm
  • Eliminates existing biofilm
  • Prevents microbially induced corrosion
  • Prevents RO membrane fouling
  • Prevents coolant biodegradation
  • Maintains clean heat transfer
  • Enhances chemical efficiency
  • Improves flocculation
  • Replaces salt based water softeners
What a Zeta Power™ is not ?
  • Zeta Power™ is not a biocide
  • Zeta Power™ is not a filter
  • Zeta Power™ is not a softener
  • Zeta Power™ is not a corrosion inhibitor
  • Zeta Power™ is not a descaler*
Biofouling : Why is it a problem?
  • How biofilms develop
  • Resistance of bacteria within a biofilm
  • Why are biocide treatment methods inefficient

Biofouling as a Three-Phase Process

Biofilm Development in Water Systems

Fully Developed Biofilm


Problems with current treatment
  • Biocides are designed to“kill”bacteria, not to remove, or prevent formation of biofilms
  • Bacteria growth takes place within biofilms
  • Bacteria can go into“dormant”status when in a biofilm
  • Bacteria in biofilms can be as much as 2 to 500x more resistant to biocides
  • Insufficient dosages of biocides can result in bacteria with higher tolerance
  • SUMMARY : Current methods focus on the symptoms (bacteria) and not the cause of the problem (biofilm)
How does Zeta Power™ control biofilm
  • Reducing surface tension of water allows existing biofilms to superhydrate and be easily removed by turbulence of fluid.
  • The Zeta Power™ causes hydration, swelling, and loosening of biological deposits leading to the removal of fouling from wetted surfaces.
  • By keeping bacteria from attaching to a surface it prevents them from reproducing
  • The combined effect of bacteria dispersion and biofilm disintegration makes the Zeta Power™ a superior biofilm control system
Scale Control in Industrial Fluid Systems
  • Sources and Causes for Scaling
    • Hardness in the water
    • Specialty chemicals used in metal finishing operations (phosphatizing, anodizing, etc)
    • Physical/Chemical conditions of the fluid: high temperature, high pH, increased concentration of salts due to evaporation.
How does Zeta Power™ control scale
  • By increasing Zeta Potential of colloidal particles and wetted surfaces a strong dispersion is created which prevents particles from forming scale deposits.
  • By eliminating biofilm, it removes the primary“glue”that holds scale in place, causing scale in many situations to fall off.
Scale Control
Why not to offer the Zeta Power™ for Descaling?
  • Too many variables make it impossible to determine how much scale and how soon will it fall off
  • Scale removal is not as predictable as biofilm removal
  • Always warn the customer of the potential of scale falling off